Saturday, May 29, 2010


Welcome to the new home of Pastor Vic! My "Monday Morning with Pastor Vic" articles became so popular that it was time for an easier way to communicate with you! If you have previously been receiving my weekly articles then you have already been added to my email subscriptions and need to do nothing. If you are new and interested in keeping up on news and my current ramblings, simply click on the email subscription link to your right and sign up!

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  1. Missed everyone on our first Sunday away. Glad that you recap the sermons for us here. Burton and I had to replace that plastic manifold on our Mercury 2 years ago. Our home town mechanic in Mt. P said that he could do it for $500 but we could not transport the car the 300 miles from Mackinaw so after a year of saving we had the Ford garage do it. Of course when they got it all apart they found much more work to do so that bill was around $1900 Carl is a fair and honest man. The $750 sounds good to me,but I sure understand having to save to get it fixed. Ours would not run at all when that part gave up. Fortunatly it was at home in our driveway where it stayed for over a year.