Monday, July 25, 2011

Update on Pastor Vic

Good Monday Morning to you,

This is Michele, Pastor Vic’s oldest daughter, we just wanted to give you a report on dad.

I would first like to thank everyone for their prayers and support for my family, it means the world to us. While we had a few very scary days last week, it appears that Pastor Vic is on the mends. The LORD has heard all our prayers and my dad's doing much better.... He is expected to have surgery on Tuesday (tomorrow) when they will put in the defibrillator to keep his heart pumping. He does have an infection in his blood, so that date is tentative and could change.

If you would like to stay up to date on any news concerning Pastor Vic, please visit the Friendship Harmony Baptist Church's Facebook group. Brenda Conley is doing a wonderful job updating everyone, so you can be sure to get the latest information. (Thank you Brenda.) Again, thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes....please continue to pray that his surgery goes well and he and Bess can start home.

That said, hopefully dad will see you next week on Monday Morning with Pastor Vic.


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  1. Hey Uncle Vic, Aunt Bess, and Michele! I'm so happy to hear that uncle Vic is doing well. I miss you ALL so much and your always in my prayers.I will check in tomorrow to see how surgery goes, which will go fine. No worries! I Love You!