Sunday, March 18, 2012

Horses In Satan’s Stable

Good Monday Morning To You!

How was your week? Healthy, safe, and sane I hope. Mine was routine; nothing causing too much excitement happens when you live out in the woods. When my grandson, Nathan, was little, he called it “Grandpa’s forest.” One year my daughter, Amanda, brought her two, Nathan and Layne, to Florida to visit us. After Nathan called the woods, Grandpa’s forest, I asked him if he would like to go and swim in Grandpa’s ocean. When he said he would, Bess and I loaded everybody in the car. The grandkids were able to swim in the Gulf of Mexico --- Grandpa’s ocean! I never told them any different, but now that they are both in High School, I’d say it’s safe to assume they know better. However, for a little while, it was nice to be a big shot real estate tycoon in someone’s eyes.

Services at Friendship Harmony went quite well yesterday. As usual the congregational singing was superb. It is so cool to sit and listen to it and hear three and four part harmony. When you add harmony to any melody, you have a full, rich, and moving piece of music. It’s truly a joy to participate. Participate! That is what worship is all about. A good worship service is not a spectator sport. When you go, throw yourself into it. Be part of it. Sure, there is a time to listen, but there is also a time to be heard. Make your voice heard whenever you are in the house of the Lord. I know there are those reading this who think, “Preacher, you have never heard me sing. I’d stand out like a cat at a dog show.” If you’re interested, look up the following Psalms: 66:1; 81:1; 95:1; 98:4,6; 100:1. Look them up, then you’ll see what worship is all about.

I preached the second in the three part “Horses” series with, “The Horses In Satan’s Stable.”. From Revelation six, we looked this week at the black horse, and the pale horse. His color is a washed out looking greenish yellow. He is an ugly horse whose name is Death. His name befits him. I’m sorry, but there are no notes available; I preached these in the extemporaneous, expository style. We looked at the logical progression from the white to the red to the black to the red horses.

Next Sunday we will look to Revelation chapter nineteen. The sermon title is “A Herd Of White Horses!” On Sunday April 1, the title is “Surely He Has Borne Our Sorrow.” Sister Eleanor McDonnel will sing a special of that same name. On Easter Sunday, April 8, we will have our Easter Sunrise Service followed by our annual Fellowship Breakfast. If you are anywhere in the area, come out these next few weeks and be with us. Come and experience Friendship Harmony. As I’ve said so many times in the past, you do not simply attend Friendship Harmony, you experience it. We’d all love for you to come whenever and as often as you can.

Before I close, me give you an update on my mom’s condition. She is doing very well, and the target date for her release is March 26. She is walking with the aid of a walker, and she says her physical therapy sessions are intense. The therapy is working and her medical staff expects a full and complete recovery. She will need some help at home until she gets stronger, so Miss Bessie is flying up to be with her. She has already assigned my neighbor to chaperone me, so I guess I’ll just have to behave while she’s away. Stay safe and healthy, and I’ll see you next Monday Morning With Pastor Vic!!!


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