Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chattin' With the Preacher!

Good Monday Morning To You! Grab yourself a cup of coffee, or a glass of juice and lets chat. I hope you've had a good week since we met last Monday. I sure am grateful that you have invited me to spend this time with you. I appreciate your time, and I promise to try and use it wisely. If you're new to Monday Morning With Pastor Vic, let me say "Welcome to you." I appreciate you for signing on.

A few of you asked me how my car is doing. It is chugging along on 7 1/2 of its 8 cylinders. It runs rough and I am loosing coolant through the manifold crack, but it is running. I saw the car of my dreams the other day. A few weeks ago on this blog, I told you about a Jeep that I wanted. It is a 4-door hardtop that looks like a mini Hummer. I saw one in a parking lot the other day, so I walked up to it to see what kind it was. It is a Wrangler X. This one was bright yellow and I believe I started to drool. Now I know I'm not supposed to covet my neighbor's ox or his mule, and I do not. His Jeep Wrangler X, might be another issue, though.

My son, Kevin, has a Jeep. His is the kind that the doors lift off, the entire top and upper half comes off, and the windshield lays down. To me this sounds like too much work. I've seen him literally wrestling with that green machine to get it back together again. If I was 26 instead of 56, maybe I'd think differently.

Did I ever tell you about my kids? I have five children; one is in Heaven safe and healthy with Jesus. His name is Davey. Michele is my oldest daughter and she is an on line college student who also own her own business. She started doing it to earn money for her school books, and it took off. She makes wristlet key chains, camera straps, purses, and all kind of hand made items. You can see her work at

My other daughter, Amanda, her husband Tim, and my two grand kids that I am so graciously allowing them to raise for me, just moved to Arizona. She has told me where, but I keep forgetting. It is near Tombstone. As a lover of Westerns, Tombstone grabs my attention and sticks with me. Tim is in the United States Army and they were just stationed there. I believe his actual first official day on duty at this new post is today. I'm very proud of him. My grands are Nathan (15) and Layne (11).

Our son, Kevin, the Jeep owner, is an over the road trucker. He travels the 48 states with his little dog, Bubba. Bubba is a miniature schnauzer. He makes our family's third and my fourth. We have a 7 month old schnauzer puppy named Frazier. I'll tell you more about him at a later time. We got him in February, a month after we lost our ten year old schnauzer, Kaiser, to Cushing's disease. Losing him has been hard; he was a fine dog. I also had a schnauzer when I was a teen named Peppy. She was a great dog and whenever you came home, she would jump right into your arms. You'd better be prepared to catch her, because she WAS coming.

Our youngest son, Jason, lives in Ft. Myers and has a Patterdale Terrier named Bella. I actually have four grand dogs. Frankie and Dakota, (Amanda and Tim) Bella, (Jason) and Bubba (Kevin). Jason has been in the hardware business, but was laid off last Friday. He was the assistant manager, but ran the store on a day to day basis. Their store catered to the building industry, and the economy has crippled the builders here in SW Florida. He held this job for 6 years and has extensive hardware knowledge. Pray for Jason, he is now classified a displaced worker. With his hardware knowledge, you'd think another job would be a cinch, but those days are gone. It's not Obama's fault, nor is it the fault of George Bush. I believe it's part of God's judgment on America. The leaders and people of this country need to fall to their knees and cry out to Almighty God for forgiveness and direction. However, that's just my opinion.

Yesterday's sermon title was, "If John The Baptist Could Preach In An American Pulpit." The question was posed, "What would he say?" When John preached in the Judean wilderness it was the time of the first coming of Jesus Christ. John preached, "Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" His message today would be the same, because Jesus is coming again. Here is my outline from Matthew chapter 3. You may use it for your Bible study, and you preachers may use it or adapt it to fit your needs.

I. Prepare the way of the Lord. Make His paths straight. (v3)
A. The people in John's day would prepare the roads upon which the king would travel.
B. They would straighten crooked, twisting roads.
C. We must prepare our hearts and straighten our lives. They are the roads upon which our King travels.

II. Who warned you to flee God's wrath. (V7)
A. If you could flee, where would you flee to?
B. Wrong answerers:
1. to man.
2. to religion.
3. to a Bible believing Church.
C. Right answer:
1. To Jesus. Peter said in John 6:68, "Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life."

III. You claim to have repented - prove it! (V8)
A. Bring evidence. Example: A man may tell you that he can grow lush, meaty, good tasting tomatoes. The proof is when he brings one for you to see and taste.
B. What evidence would you bring if called upon to do so?
C. The evidence would have to be (back to V3) a straightened out life i.e. a life of righteousness. Righteousness means right with God.

Thanks for this time together. I hope your coffee didn't get cold or your juice get warm while I preached a bit. When I get to talking about the Scriptures, I loose all sense of time. I love them and love teaching them so very much. Don't forget about the contest; please help sign up new readers for the Monday Morning With Pastor Vic blog. Click on the contest button for more info, or scroll down to the end of this article to where it says "comments." Click on that and ask any question, or leave any comment you'd like. It is more fun when conversations are two-way.

May the Lord bless you this week and I look forward to seeing you again next Monday Morning With Pastor Vic.


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