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God is greater than ...........

Good Monday Morning To You!!!

Can you believe that Christmas is less than thirty days away? Unbelievable! They say time flies when you’re having fun. I must be having a ball because it seems like time is traveling at warp speed. For you non-Star Trekkies, warp speed is the speed of light. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. At that speed you could travel around the equator 7 ½ times in a second. That is moving on. Wouldn’t it be nice if the police could respond with that kind of speed. The crime rate would go way down.

Let me give you an update on Miss Bessie. As you know she has had three stomach surgeries this year. Things are still not totally resolved, but Dr. Carrasquillo is not anxious to operate again. He is keeping a very close eye on her in hopes that in time healing will come, Some days it looks as if it is, while others….. Some of you may not know, but I, too, spent two days in the hospital last week. My latest EKG and stress test showed some “abnormalities.” Dr. Kenneth Towe, my cardiologist, wanted to do a cardiac cath procedure. I entered Gulf Coast Medical Center last Tuesday, received two stints, and went home on Thanksgiving Day in the late afternoon. They tell me it will take about two weeks to notice an appreciable difference. I do feel slight improvement each day. The worse part is he put me on a strict diet. Basically I get to pour myself a glass of ice water, ask God’s blessings on it, and enjoy. I’m thinking about the Adam and Eve diet --- fruit and nuts. I could actually do that because I enjoy both. Are their any RN’s or nutritionists out there reading this blog. If so, a little help with this idea would be appreciated. I do not do vegetables very well, but I do like raw cabbage and uncooked carrots. Sometime it is so difficult being me.

My need for a healthy lifestyle is for me a problem. The Bible says in James 5:16a, “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed.” O K, here goes. I confess to you that I am guilty of violating one of the seven deadly sins --- gluttony. Now before you get all preachy and say, “Aha, an overeater;” that is not the definition of gluttony. Gluttony means doing things to excess. That can mean anything. Maybe you watch too much television --- that’s gluttony. Do you spend too much time on the computer? That’s gluttony. For me, however, it is overeating. So now that the myth concerning my perfection has been broken, breaking the cycle, for me is a big deal, BUT, God Is Greater. That was the title of my message yesterday morning at Friendship Harmony Baptist Church.

My intro said, “ God is greater! Greater than what? God is greater than whatever afflicts you physically, mentally, or spiritually. Do you have burden? God is greater! Do you have a handicap? God is greater! Do you have a need that by all human standards is impossible? God is greater!”

Below is the outline I used. Feel free to use it for your Bible Study. Preachers, you may use it or adapt it to suit your need as well.

God Is Greater
Psalm 93
By Victor Cooper

Intro: (See above)

I. Verse 1 The first indication as to His greatness is the psalmists' use of the word, “LORD.“
A. LORD here is Jehovah --- the self existent or eternal one.
1. He exists without the help or aid of anyone or anything other than Himself.
2. This is known as the doctrine of the solitariness of God. Arthur Pink has a chapter on this topic in his book, The Holiness Of God.
B. Jehovah reigns.
1. It is stated as fact offering no proof.
2. To attempt to prove it, cheapens His majesty.
C. Jehovah is clothed. What is the purpose of clothing? Dignity.
1. What did Adam and Eve lose due to their sin? Dignity.
2. In the OT, clothing was considered an extension of the person, ie you are what you wear.
D. His clothing:
1. Majesty. Excellent things --- only the best.
2. Strength. force; security
E. Remember, He is Jehovah; His clothes are provided by Himself! “… He girdeth Himself…”
F. He also established the world and the only way to move it is to move Him.

II. Verse 2 An elaboration of verse 1.
A. Charles Haddon Spurgeon “Thou art from everlasting. The Lord himself is eternal. Let the believer rejoice that the government under which he dwells has an immortal ruler at its head, has existed from all eternity and will flourish when all created things shall have for ever passed away. Vain are the rebellions of mortals, the kingdom of God is not shaken.”
—Treasury of David, The

III. The psalmist testifies to God’s omnipotence.
A. Verses 3,4 The sound of the oceans are described as “noise.”
1. Noise without purpose is confusion.
2. The sounds of God have purpose, they are not confusing, thereby they can override even the sounds of the mighty waves.

IV. Verse 5 God is greater because His word is very sure. Charles Haddon Spurgeon “Thy testimonies are very sure. As in providence the throne of God is fixed beyond all risk, so in revelation his truth is beyond all question. Other teachings are uncertain, but the revelations of heaven are infallible. As the rocks remain unmoved amid the tumult of the sea, so does divine truth resist all the currents of man's opinion and the storms of human controversy; they are not only sure, but very sure. Glory be to God, we have not been deluded by a cunningly devised fable: our faith is grounded upon the eternal truth of the Most High.”
—Treasury of David, The

Conclusion: “Our God is greater than…” fill in the remainder of the sentence with the current disaster in your life. That statement is the lifeline of your life. The beauty is you do not have to hold on to it --- it holds on to you. Our God is greater!!!

I hope your week is good. If you plan to be out doing Christmas shopping, please be careful. Ladies, do not leave your purse unattended in your shopping cart for even a moment. Guys, put your wallet in your front shirt pocket. That is the hardest pocket to pick. I want this Christmas season to be enjoyable for you, so deck the halls and I’ll see you next Monday Morning With Pastor Vic!


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  1. I can not believe that you preached Sunday! Of course it is Pastor Vic so actually I can believe that you place the word and outreach above your health so yes I do believe that you dressed and drove to our church and preached the gospel. Our healing prayers are with you and Miss Bessie. We love and miss you. Our Thanksgiving here on Lake Michigan had 11 humans and 4 dogs in attendence for 5 days. I am really,really tired and ready to sit by a pool :) Guess I could dress in 6 layers and sit by the Lake. See you all in a few weeks,we will keep praying and hope to see "less" of you when we return to our beautiful Island.