Monday, November 15, 2010

The Riches Of A Christian

Good Monday Morning to you,

Thanks for having me in. Let’s visit for a bit. Is it cold where you are? Our mornings have been a bit chilly, at least by southwest Florida standards. Many mornings these past ten days or so have required a jacket or a sweater. My son, Kevin, the truck driver has been running a route between Nebraska and Iowa, and had to pull off the expressway due to wintry conditions. He woke up to 32 degrees. I know before long many of you will experience that and colder. Brrr!! I'm cold just thinking about it.

Here on Pine Island at the Friendship Harmony Baptist Church, the weather is fine, so come on down. The Spirit of the Lord continues to permeate our services with His presence, and an air of excitement and anticipation overwhelms you as you enter the building. Yesterday was no exception. I enjoyed a day off from the preaching duties. I was able to just sit back and receive a good message from another of the ministers at our Church, Bro. Bob Felber. Bro. Felber preached “The Riches Of A Christian” from 1 Corinthians 3:21,22. He pointed out six gifts of God to believers. They are: the gift of ministry, the world, life, death, things present, and things to come. Pastor Felber pointed out that that the verse states, “… these things are yours.” I wish Bob would have had more time to develop each of the six points. That would have made a great sermon series, and maybe in the future he might consider it.

One point on the list was the gift of death. Bro. Felber pointed out that, “Death is a servant of the believer. It is the door by which a believer enters Heaven.” As he was preaching, I thought about the Biblical definition of death: separation. Death is separation, not cessation. Death can not only be separation from, but separation to. Yes, death separates a believer from his earthly loved ones, but it also separates him to God. He is separated to his Lord Jesus Christ. He is separated to his departed loved ones. No wonder Paul could say, “Death is swallowed up in victory. 55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” (1 Corinthians 15:54b,55) Now that is riches!

Our service was followed by a carry in dinner. Our great cooks at Friendship Harmony outdid themselves. When it was over, it seemed as if we carried out more food than we brought in. We were able to fix eight plates for our shut-ins. What a blessed day it truly was!

I do hope your week goes well. I pray the LORD blesses you with good health, and a safe week in whatever endeavors you find yourself. Remember, you may always share prayer requests with us. Send them and any comments you might have to Why not do it now while it’s fresh in your mind. I’ll see you next Monday Morning With Pastor Vic!


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