Monday, March 28, 2011


Good Monday Morning To You!

What happened in your life last week? I hope everything was good. I told you last time we met that I thought I was adopted. Mom usually comments to me by phone about what I’ve written. Whenever I’m mistaken, she tells me. However, this time she is being mysteriously quiet. She hasn’t denied my adoption theory. Hmmm! That’s frightening!! I know my brother Greg is adopted. On his shelf at home is a …. I can’t say it. I’m embarrassed and ashamed. I cannot believe it. It’s a black mark on our family name. No Cooper has ever been guilty of such an atrocity. It is so hideous and vulgar that whenever I’m in Cincy and borrowing his room, I have to hide it. I cannot believe it and I hope my laptop does not explode for what I’m gonna have to type. I’m surprised that Mom allows it. Here goes! He actually has a Los Angles Dodgers baseball cap on display. Please forgive this blasphemy. Greg is a Reds fan first and foremost as is the right thing to do, but to display a Dodgers cap within 5 miles of Great American Ballpark - OOOoooohhhhh! I offered to buy it for twice what he paid for it. I wanted to take it down to the Ohio River and toss it in. If I ever go home and find a Philadelphia Phillies cap on his shelf, you’ll be reading about me in the papers! (Yes, he used to have one as a kid, but somehow it disappeared. No mom, I didn’t do it!)

Yesterday was another super day at Friendship Harmony Baptist. Burt Nelson pointed out verses in Scriptures that spoke of correct medical procedures taught thousands of years before man “discovered” them. What an awesome God we serve! Our minister of music, Ken Birdsong and his wife Margaret, out keyboardist, did a piano - trumpet duet of selected hymns that made your hair stand on end! I whispered to Pastor Felber when he came to preach, “You get to follow that!” He followed it well as he preached to us from Psalm 22. He preached about how the history of mankind was affected one particular Friday. That event, the crucifixion of Christ, is still effecting man today. The crucifixion demands a response from every individual who ever lived, lives, or will live in the future. You must either believe it and confess Christ, or dismiss it and reject Him. What have you done? What will you do? If I can answer any questions, let me know.

Pray for Pastors Felber and Cooper as together we attempt to lead Friendship Harmony into the paths God has provided for us. This is an awesome group of dedicated Christians whose main desire is to follow Christ. It’s an honor to Pastor such fine people. I know I speak for Bobby when I tell you that we will keep Christ first in our lives and that we will do our best on behalf of the Friendship Harmony Baptist Church. The LORD and each of you deserves nothing less.

Have a good week and I’ll see you next Monday Morning With Pastor Vic!!!


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