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Pastor Vic: A Sweet, Innocent, Misunderstood Freshman Seminarian

Good Monday Morning To You.

Happy Memorial Day to each of you. As you enjoy this special day, don’t forget to thank God for our military --- both active and retired. Be sure to pray for those currently serving. My daughter is married to a soldier, Tim, and I sure am proud of him. I pray for his safety, and the safety of his buddies daily. May God bless our military and their families.

It is hard to believe that this coming January I’ll be sixty years old. It seems like just days ago that my childhood best friend, Johnny Miller and I used to tear up the streets of Elmwood Place, nestled in Cincinnati, with our bikes. Only yesterday I was a freshman in Bible College, starting life’s journey, yet that was 41 years ago. Who would have dreamed that a rowdy Southern Baptist prankster attending an “independent” Baptist College would return to Seminary one day as professor of Human Geography. Talk about the Sovereignty of God…!

I recall the day I started my Bible classes. I went to the school knowing only one other person. I hated my name. I literally cringed at being “Victor” - even “Vic” bothered me. I did, however, like my middle name, Wayne. I decided that since this was a new environment, I could change my name and go by “Wayne.” I introduced my self as Wayne, and that is how I was known. Everything was fine for a day or two, but soon I got the reputation for being a conceited snob. The problem? I would walk the sidewalks of the campus and someone would call out, “Hey Wayne!” I would walk on by, not realizing they were talking to me. People would say, “He’s one of those Southern Baptist. They’re uppity.” I really wasn’t, I just did not link “Wayne” with me. Soon I became Vic again and all was well. Actually I became a bit of a hero when I knocked the Dean’s hat off his head with a snowball. I’ll tell you more about that in a future blog.

All I can say about services yesterday at Friendship Harmony is, “WOW!” What a blessing! The attendance was good, and the service was very uplifting. If a genie in a bottle was to allow me to pastor the church of my choice, it would be Friendship Harmony. There are churches that are bigger, but none are better. Each week the presence of the LORD is real. He is indeed with us. I am pleased to announce that we received a special offering for the Southern Baptist relief efforts in Oklahoma. As you read this, Southern Baptists are on the ground in that tornado stricken area providing assistance, food, and spiritual comfort. If you would like to help, send your donation of any size to Friendship Harmony Baptist Church. On the memo line write “Oklahoma.” We will then forward it on to the proper location. Send your gift today so that we can get the money to where it is needed most. The address is Box 583; St. James City, Florida 33956. Our offering was $300. With the help of you, our faithful readers, we should be able to increase that total. Thank you for your help.

Several years ago I was preaching a message and I made the statement that when I got to Heaven, I planned to find Adam and ask him, “What were you thinking?” From those few words, a sermon series developed called “What Were You Thinking?” Yesterday we asked the question of Adam. From Scriptures we can ascertain his answer. The notes are below and you can see and hear the message in its entirety on Tuesday. To do so you can go to From their homepage banner type, in Friendship Harmony Baptist Church and hit enter. From our icon, scroll to the title, “Adam, What Were You Thinking?” I hope the notes and the video are a blessing to you.

“Adam, What Were You Thinking?”
Genesis 3:1-9
1st in a series By: Vic Cooper
Updated 5/13

When I get to Heaven, one of the first people I want to meet is Adam. I want to ask him, “What were you thinking?” Until then, we can look into Scripture and get a glimpse of what was going on with our first parents.

I. What Adam had:
A. dominion over the earth --- 1:28-30
B. a home with provisions --- 2:8, 9
C. responsibility --- 2:15
D. a companion --- 2:21, 22
E. fellowship with God --- 3:8a

II. What Satan had:
A. nothing --- 1:30 --- man had dominion over the serpent
B. loss of God’s fellowship --- Ezekiel 28:14-16
1. Cherubim were in the “inner circle of the angles.” (BKC)
2. They were charged with guarding God’s holiness.

III. What Adam wanted:
A. to please his companion --- 3:6
1. It was willful on Adam’s part. Cf.1 Tim. 2:14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
B. to be like God --- 3:5
C. more
1. J. Paul Getty, the one time richest man in the world said all he wanted was one penny more.

IV. What Satan offered:
A. Lies, and deceit --- 3:1 subtil> aw-room’> shrewd
B. (BKC) “ The word of the Lord brought life and order; the word of the serpent brought chaos and death. Truth is older than falsehood; God’s word came before Satan’s lies.”
C. John 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, …He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. …he is a liar, and the father of it.”

“Adam, What were you thinking?”
“I thought God was withholding good from me.”
“I thought I could be like God.”
“I thought it would be good to be like God.”
“I didn’t think God would really punish us.”

V. What Adam received:
A. the curse --- 3:16-19 They would still be doing as
they had done before with one notable addition: the
B. separation from God --- 3:23,24

Next week we will meet with the Apostle Peter and ask him what was he thinking when he denied Jesus. If you cannot be with us at FHBC, I hope you get a copy of those notes, and that you will continue to visit with us on youtube. Again, have a happy and safe Memorial Day, and I trust that whatever your plans are for the day, they will include a pause to reflect on the true meaning of the day. I’ll see you next Monday Morning With Pastor Vic!!!


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