Monday, June 21, 2010

The amblings and ramblings of Pastor Vic!

Good Monday Morning to you!

We had good services at Church yesterday. I continued my sermon series "Provoking God." This was week three of four and was, "Provoking God To Laughter." As I was studying for the message, I came across Job 9:23, "If the scourge slay suddenly, He will laugh at the trial of the innocent." Laugh at the trial of the innocent? I re-read it several times including the verses prior to it, and following it. I had never noticed that before and I was stumped. I found myself saying, "Lord, this goes against all I ever believed about You, and it totally contradicts what I preached last week. Teach me Lord, because apparently I've got some learning to do." When I am sermonizing, (putting a message together) I'm forevermore talking to the Lord just like He was sitting right there beside me. I am convinced He really is! He taught me that the Job 9:23 verse means that He laughs at our trials and we can too. AS HE IS VICTORIOUS, WE IS VICTORIOUS! (My deepest apologies to you English majors.) We can laugh at our trials because they will not get the upper hand. Its enough to make a Baptist holler, "Hallelujah."

Miss Bessie had a rough week last week. Her surgical wound is nearly closed, but she had lots of nausea and horrible abdominal pain. Her stomach is as hard as a brick and you can feel a knot about the size of a golf ball. She sees Dr. Thomas Bass, her surgeon on Thursday. Hopefully he can get to the bottom of this. Thank you for praying for her.

As for Pastor Vic, I am doing fine and chugging along on all cylinders. Since they found my problem and removed my gall bladder back at Christmas, I feel pretty good. The only side effect to losing my gall bladder is that I can no longer eat peanut butter. I double over whenever I eat it, and I love a PB&J sandwich. Reece's peanut butter cups are now a no-no. Hershey's stock will definitely go down. Somehow I believe my good friend Bill Wolfe's prayers are behind this. He is praying that I will adopt a healthier diet. He is right. I should, but don't tell him --- he likes to gloat and his wife Patty gives me "the look."

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