Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monday Morning 6/6/10

Good Monday Morning to you!!!
This past week rolled by so quickly. I guess with a holiday, it seemed shorter. Still, summer is in full swing here in S.W. Florida. It has been hot --- very, very hot. The June heat is as hot as the January cold was cold: all the way to extremes. Do you remember the frigid winter we had here in Florida? It sure is hard to please us earthlings. When it's hot, we pray for cooler days. When we get them, we pray for warmer ones. Aren't you glad you aren't God, having to placate fickle humanity?

Last night in our evening service we looked at 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12. In these verses Paul is encouraging a church who was working hard at pleasing God and doing right by each other. He admonished them to continue doing so. He told them in verse 10, "...we beseech you, brethren, that ye increase more and more..." I feel kinda like the great Apostle, and please forgive me for mentioning myself in the same breath as his. I know most of you and have had the opportunity of watching you as you live your Christian life. I tell you as Paul told the Thessalonians: keep it up, you're doing just fine! As you please God, you actually become a blessing to our Lord, Jesus Christ. If there are some of you who know your life is not quite where our Lord desires it to be, no problem. Rejoice that it has been revealed to you and do something about it. James 4:8 tells us, "Draw near unto God, and He will draw near unto you." Quite simple, actually. These words of James are good words for all of us to follow.

Miss Bessie says hello to each of you. She thanks you for your prayers. Her surgical wound is healing ever so slowly, but is healing. Dr. Bass says these things have to heal from the inside out, and he is pleased with her progress. She has to repack and change her bandages every day, but she does so without complaining. She's a trooper and takes it all in stride. I'm very proud of her, but don't tell her I said it. I wouldn't want her to get the big-head.

The car problems remain. I did get the brakes fixed as well as the tire that was losing air. The mechanic, Chuck, told me a screw had punctured the tire and it couldn't be in a worse place. They plugged it, but said it could "pop" any time. I need two new tires, so I hope it will hold until I can replace them. The intake manifold remains the big story. It will cost nearly $800. to replace. I probably should trade it; it has 160,000 miles - I just cannot. I know the Lord will provide, and in a future Monday Morning With Pastor Vic, I'll be able to tell you about how He did. I'm thrilled just to get to watch what God will do! He takes such good care of the Pastor Vic family.

Also, my laptop went home to be with --- wherever dead 'puters go. I know there are no computers in Heaven. My Dad, Howard Cooper, hated computers. He went to Heaven in 2003. Believe me, if there was even one up there, Dad would have come back. Be that as it may, Teri Clementi's daughter, Lisa, is attempting to perform a resurrection on mine, but it doesn't look too good. That computer has served me well for ten years, so I have no room to complain. I did my sermon prep on it and I confess (sorry Dad) it did make doing so much easier and much more efficient. I did not realize how much easier until I lost it. Wow, what a fantastic tool it was. I'll have to get reacquainted with the old way of doing things again! Oh well, this too shall pass. Have a good week and drop me a line if you care to. See ya next Monday Morning With Pastor Vic.


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