Monday, August 8, 2011

Back In Florida!

Good Monday Morning To You!

Bess and I are back home in Florida again after an “extended” vacation. I saw the cardiologist in Cincinnati, Dr. Stephen Lewis, last Monday morning. He said all looked well and felt safe to allow me to travel by car back home. It is 1050 miles from my mom’s front door to mine. It is 17 hours as hard as you can drive. In my younger days I drove it straight through, As I “aged” I got smarter and we would drive it in two days. Last week we took three days. We started home last Tuesday morning after a nice breakfast my mom fixed and we drove to Athens, Tennessee, about 45 minutes north of Chattanooga. The next morning, the motel lady told us of a cafeteria up in town that the locals liked. She was not joking! The country cooked food was awesome. We drove that day and made it to Lake City, Florida. Next destination: home! We got home Thursday evening and my dogs were thrilled. They jumped and whooped and hollered. It is great when someone is glad to see you!

While I was in the Bethesda North Hospital in Cincy, my son Jason flew up to be with us. Bess can tell you he was a great help to her and mom during that time. He flew back to Ft. Myers on the Sunday before Bess and I left on Tuesday. All four kids would have been there if they could - our family seems to draw together during a crisis. I’m proud of each of them!

Yesterday was a super day at Friendship Harmony, although I cannot recall us ever having a routine, ho-hum service. Bro. Daryl Ellis preached as I was not quite ready to do it. I thought last week that I probably could, but after I did the announcements, I was glad he was there. He preached a fine message from 2 Corinthians chapter twelve. He spoke about personal weaknesses; we all have them. Bro. Ellis reminded us that while society tells us we should “be strong,” and “exercise your will power,” Scriptures never issue such commands. Our strength comes from the LORD. As far as will power goes, we follow Christ, not our own desires.

When we recognize a weakness, Pastor Ellis suggested a three step plan. First, admit the weakness to yourself. Next, admit the weakness to God. Finally admit the weakness to someone else. It is easier to work through something if someone else is assisting and praying. He preached it is as easy A-B-C. Admit the weakness. Believe in the sufficiency of God. Consecrate your life to following Christ.

Thanks Daryl for some much needed advise as to God’s way for handling personal weaknesses; fine words from God’s word.

Next Sunday morning, the LORD willing, I’ll be back in the pulpit preaching, “Four Good Friends Of The Believer.” It comes from Mark 2:1-5. I’ll give more details, including the notes next week.

For those in the vicinity of the Church, this coming Saturday morning at The Twisted Lemon on Pine Island Road is our men’s meeting. It’s a time for the men to come together and talk about whatever. We have the private meeting room in the back, and the food and service is exceptional. The time is 8:00 A.M. I hope all you guys in the area can attend. Also this coming Sunday after services is our monthly carry-in dinner. Again, I’d like to invite all to come. We have many fine cooks in our Church, and it seems as if they just keep getting better. You do not have to be a member of Friendship Harmony to participate; just come and fellowship around the table with us.

Have a good, safe, and healthy week. Thank you for the continued prayers for me as I continue to recover, and for my family as they are going through together.

I’ll see you next Monday Morning With Pastor Vic!


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