Sunday, August 21, 2011

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Good Monday Morning To You!!

Last week I promised you that I would show you a picture of our “new” pulpit. I say “new” because it dates back many years. Here are a couple pictures. Many thanks again to Pastor Jim Rankin for making it available, and Bill Wolfe for stripping and refinishing it. Also thanks mom for letting it live in your garage for several months. I hope you had a great week.

Last week was a good week for Pastor Vic and Bess. We saw Bro. Keith Lancaster up in North Port, and met other people who are working in “traditional” churches. Friendship Harmony is classified as a traditional church. We sing the old songs out of hymnals, and conduct services, “in the old fashioned way.” I’ve been to contemporary services, and they are fine if you enjoy that. Their music is Scripturally sound and the messages are Christ centered. I preached in a contemporary service onboard the cruise ship, “The Jewel”. However, I’m more comfortable in a traditional church. I like songs like, “Redeemed How I Love To Proclaim It,” and “Love Lifted Me.” Our minister of music, Ken Birdsong, feels that way too. His selection of music each week makes our services tremendous! I wish all you readers could experience a Friendship Harmony service. The LORD’s presence is strong with us. I pray it is always so; we certainly do not deserve it, nor have we earned it. It is sheer grace.

Yesterday I returned to my roots and preached an expository sermon with no notes. I studied all week, opened my Bible, and had the time of my life. Preaching is my joy and my calling. My cardiologist in Cincinnati said in order to relieve stress, normally they would retired me. However, he went on to say that for a preacher, not preaching would be more stressful than preaching. My message yesterday came from Isaiah 50:2-8. This is one of those passage with several applications. The first is called the primary application. In these verses, the primary is concerning the Messiah. They are called Messianic. This passage shows why the Book of Isaiah is called the fifth gospel; Isaiah writes it as if it has already happened! The next is called the secondary application. This is where the example can be applied to our life.

In this passage, God calls Israel to remembrance in verses two and three. He does so to remind Israel of who He is. The secondary application is that He also calls us to remembrance. This is done to help us remember that God is worthy to serve, and doing so is safe.

Verse four is the key to this section; it all revolves around this verse. Notice the statement, “… that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary…” This is the reason for the call to remembrance. As we remember who God truly is, and what He has done for us, we then can “speak a word in season to him that is weary.” This is what is meant in the beginning of the verse when he speaks of, “the tongue of the learned.”

In verse five, he speaks of being open to God’s teaching. Are you open to it? Sometime it comes through prayer, sometime through Bible study, sometime through revelation, but most time through experience.

What does God equip us with? Experiences! Experiences where He, through His majesty and might, has carried us, sustained us, and delivered us. Remember what He has equipped you with and why. The what is personal with you. The why is so that, (verse four), so that I can, “speak a word in season to him that is weary.”

Have a good week and remember Pastor Vic, Bess, and family in your prayers. We pray for you, too. I’ll see you next week on Monday Morning With Pastor Vic.


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