Monday, August 29, 2011

From Rebellion To Restoration

Good Monday Morning to you!

Another week is past and once again it is my honor to be able to spend these few minutes with you. Were you one of those who suffered from the effects of Hurricane Irene? I hope not, but if you were, please know that the Friendship Harmony Baptist Church is praying for you, and I make this invitation: If there is any assistance that we can provide, please contact me.

Last week was very busy for Bess and me. On four consecutive days I saw two doctors, and two labs. One doctor was all the way on the other side of the county. We have big counties here in Florida, so it was quite the trip. This week I see one more doctor, and visit one more lab, then hopefully it will settle down. Let me offer you this bit of advise: Don't ever have a heart attack. It is absolutely too time consuming! I thank God for the insurance provided to me by our church, but the co-pays are killers. Like I say, it should ease up after this week.

Today begins a great week here at Friendship Harmony. First, this date marks the one year anniversary of the founding of our church. As I look back over the past year, I can clearly see where the hand of the LORD has guided us every step of the way. His blessings to us have been phenomenal and quite numerous. One of those blessings bring me to another event for the week. On Wednesday, August 31, at two o'clock, our newest small group begins. It is called “The Jewish Roots of Christianity.” I am as excited about this as I have ever been. The last time I was this excited, the Big Red Machine was still playing baseball! Seriously though, have you ever read your Bible and wondered why something was done or said as it was? If you understand the culture of that day, not only will your study make more sense, but practical, modern day application to our own lives becomes much easier. This is called Human Geography and happens to have been my major at Miami University. Can you see now why I'm so excited? I promise you, this is going to be a blessing to all. Please contact me for more information. If you are here in the area, try to come. It is open to all; members and non members alike. By the way, just so you know, Miami University is not in Florida. It is in Oxford, Ohio near my home town of Cincinnati, and was a major University when the land upon which the University of Miami, Florida, sits, was hunting grounds for the Seminole Indians.

Yesterday we met King Manasseh of Judah. You can read about him in 2 Chronicles 33, and 2 Kings 21. He was an evil king who with each passing day, out-did his own wickedness. He was rebellious to put it mildly. However, he finished well: he went from rebellion to restoration. He gave his heart and life to the LORD, and was blessed by the Almighty for it. The next time you are telling someone about the love of Jesus and they tell you their sins have been too bad for the LORD to forgive, take them to 2 Chronicles 33. Show them the account of this man's life. Let them know that just like Manasseh, they are not too bad for the grace of Jesus. Precisely because they are bad is why it is called grace.

I hope you have a blessed week. Go out this week and intentionally be a blessing to someone else. When you do, watch what Jesus will do. I'll see you next Monday Morning With Pastor Vic!

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